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Why Stable Housing is Necessary to Achieve a Safe Community

Safe and stable housing is just one of the basic human rights anywhere in the world. No matter what race or gender, having a place to stay where we can assure safety and security are important. Governments all around the world are faced with the homelessness problem. Even the wealthiest countries have to accept that homelessness is a real thing and so many are affected every single day.

Last year, the pandemic hit and it impacted the economy on a global scale due to the COVID-19 virus. This year, the goal is to get everyone’s lives back on track after a period of chaos and a series of challenging situations. The Andrews Labor Government is committed to helping the community with the $500 million social housing boost.

Victoria’s huge housing investment

By mid-2022, services that are included in the social housing boost project are set to be completed. This also includes the $42 million from the Maintenance Stimulus Package that aims to create 250 bedrooms across Melbourne and regional Victoria. The project was set to 16 projects all over these regions. Stable and secure housing is just one of the ways the government is planning to do to achieve a safe community. Why safe community? Reoffending has become even more rampant over the years. This just means that apart from helping to achieve the needs of aboriginal people, women, and children, this is one of the ways people requiring drug and alcohol treatment to improve their quality of life and prevent the risk of going back to the streets.

Part of the project is the $4.6 million self-contained units a two Annie North Haven sites in the Greater Bendigo area. This project was made to accommodate women as they transition to long-term housing and be part of the community once again. An expansion to almost $2.3 million of accessibility to drug and alcohol counseling plus other support will also take place.

Housing stability and providing program support are important to encourage individuals to become better to be able to reintegrate back to the community successfully. Employment and vocational training are two of the best ways to make this happen. Individuals who are going to exit the prison system will most definitely have a temporary safe accommodation otherwise, they will end up homeless. People who are experiencing homelessness and those at risk are among the country’s most socially and economically disadvantaged. Without the proper help and assurance that these previous offenders could start over, the risk of reoffending is high and it would only just go back to square one.

Why better access to alcohol and drug treatment is necessary to end homelessness

Stable housing is important to get disadvantaged people’s lives back on track. These projects will do such an enormous thing to break the cycle of reoffending and the community will be able to enjoy safety and progress.

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