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Why Fostering Children In Need Could Have a Positive Impact on their Future

One of the biggest problems affluent nations have been trying to solve is homelessness. For years now, homeless individuals are struggling to find employment and permanent home. A safe and affordable housing may be difficult to afford for others because of many factors. One of which is their mental health and their capacity to find a decent place to stay. When the pandemic hit due to COVID-19, the best way to put a stop to the rising infection is to stay home. But those who do not have their own place had to rely on the government efforts to find them temporary accommodation.

As we have said, mental health plays such a vital role in making sure that children will have a better future. Now more than ever, young people need to have a better state of mind to function better and this year their mental health should even be prioritized. However, there are kids right now that need a healthy environment for them to progress.

The Andrews Labor Government is urging Victorians to “open their doors and their hearts” for the less privileged young ones. The government is actually talking about making the fostering process much easier with the commitment of $5.8 million over four years to continue the Fostering Connections program, which aims to promote the benefits of foster caring by making the recruitment process much more accessible to Victorians. The program is run by the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare. Basically, what this organization does is provide a centralized service that would connect prospective carers with foster care agencies. This would make it easier for Victorians to find agency in their area.

The program also provides information about the process of becoming a foster parent or carer with the necessary details when they contact an agency. This way, any questions or clarification will be made. There are currently about 1,700 children that are in the care of a foster parent or on the waiting list for a placement. The pandemic really made such an impact on so many people, but this was also a good opportunity for everyone to extend support during these troubling times.

Children are part of the most vulnerable in so many aspects – physically, mentally, socially – these are things that could really affect them in the long run. Thinking about their need and their overall well-being could make a whole lot of difference in their lives. While foster caring is a temporary solution, finding them a permanent home should always be the goal. The government had also invested $10.3 million in the Better Futures program which focuses on preparing young people aftercare. There’s also the Home Stretch program that is designed to extend state care and supports for young people in foster care from 18 to 21 years old.

These programs will definitely help young people to make huge changes in their lives like find a job and a place of their own. Our young people should never be left behind. For more information, visit fosteringconnections.com.au or call 1800 013 088.

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