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New Investment to Boost Mental Health Access for Young Victorians

The past year has impacted every single one of us in a big way. The pandemic opened our eyes to how uncertain life can be. Young and old… rich and poor. We all had to deal with the effects of the virus in our way.

When we talk about the young ones, we sometimes think that because they are generally healthy and they have much more energy than the older ones they don’t have that many problems going their way. The truth is, the young ones may not look like it but they might have been going through a difficult phase in their life. Remember when you were younger and you may have felt so confused about yourself and what’s going on around you? They may have it worse at this day and age and it could affect their mental health.

Depression and anxiety are very common not just in adults, but in young people as well. Mental health has become a crisis over the past several years. We have mentioned before about the role mental health plays on homelessness among so many young people in Australia. The current state of mind of an individual greatly influences the quality of their life.

The Andrews Labor Government established a prevention and recovery care program for the mental health services of the young people in Bendigo. This is a multi-million-dollar initiative that would be a decade-long development and reform. The program would focus on delivering community-based services, support for those individuals with acute needs, and more importantly, early intervention systems for children. The investment will reportedly amount to $3.8 billion which includes $842 million for the mental health of young people.

Not only will this investment and initiative benefit young ones, but it is also expected to create about 400 new jobs which would be a huge thing for adults who have lost so much since last year. The project is also expected to be completed by the year 2024.

The budget is to be able to deliver five new and three upgraded Youth Prevention and Recovery Care Units or Y-PARCs. These units are staffed for 24 hours a day with a home-like setting which includes a kitchen, dining, lounge room, and a space for any activities. And with the new investment of $18 million, Bendigo, alongside Dandenong and Frankston will share for the refurbishment of the facilities.

Xotel believes that better support for young Victorians as one of the major plans by the government to rebuild the state’s mental health system is such an important thing to do. We have always believed that to prevent the number of homeless people in the streets to blow up, the best way is to make sure that our young people have access to mental health services. Where else can these young ones find the kind of support that they need in case their families are not as open-minded about it but in the government?

Minister for Mental Health James Merlino adds that this is a critical time to give young people to give them the kind of support they need early and not when it’s no longer effective. For more information, you may check out this link.

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