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The Decade-long Vision for Affordable Housing

Affordable housing has always been a dream for so many people, most especially those who have wanted to find a more permanent shelter. Even to this day, this problem continues to become a problem for so many affluent countries. Australia has been struggling with this for so many years now. The Andrews Labor Government is inviting Victorians to actually participate in the conversation about this very topic and how it could be improved.

The strategy is to ensure more Victorians a safe, suitable, and secure housing. Minister for Housing Richard Wynne released a discussion paper that seeks community feedback as well as inform the development of this particular strategy to be released later this year.

If there's anything the pandemic really highlighted, it's the need for social and affordable housing enough to shelter individuals who do not have much. One of the biggest issues in our society nowadays is homelessness and that there's an obvious lack of affordable housing. The worst part is, although the solution is seemingly easy, executing it is not that simple. The strategy was created to provide the roadmap and reforms needed. It's going to bring focus on possible stakeholders coming from the community and private sectors, as well as even levels of government to lend their expertise to be able to create effective systems for all Victorians.

The discussion will focus on pathways, communities, partnerships, as well as growth in the industry. These areas will guide the conversation that will take place within the industry, the government, both the housing and homelessness sectors, and most importantly, Victorians. The strategy is part of the Big Housing Build project with a $5.3 billion budget.

Homelessness is something that as a community, should really take seriously. Xotel was developed and created to be a part of the solution – sustainable housing that is affordable. There's still so much to do in terms of completely ending the homelessness problem, but little by little, we can see some progress. Last year when the pandemic hit and the lockdown became compulsory, we saw that getting people off the streets as possible.

How the COVID-19 pandemic opened the door to solve the homelessness problem in Australia

About 2,000 homeless individuals were able to stay at hotels and temporary accommodation courtesy of the government's initiative. The project was to get 7,000 homeless off the streets thus, the $150 million funding support for those who need it was allotted.

Starting April 9th, 2021, the discussion paper will become available here.

Richard Wynne adds, "This 10-year strategy will provide the roadmap for a stronger and more sustainable housing system for Victoria."

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