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Support for the Vulnerable Australians Continues During this Pandemic

People from all walks of life have certainly been affected by the pandemic. Others had to deal with minor changes in their lifestyle. Unfortunately, some are not as lucky as others. These trying times encouraged us to re-assess our lives and what is truly important – at the same time, how we can extend support to those who need it most.

The Victorian Government is making sure that all Victorians are getting the help that they need to survive the effects of this pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus. Funding of $27 million is allotted to provide food and financial relief for vulnerable Victorians. This would also cover services to support victims of family violence, as well as support for culturally diverse communities. This kind of initiative from the government is necessary especially because there are a lot of Victorians who are struggling to catch a break due to the imposed restrictions that limited movement among all workers. So as far as going back to work is concerned, it has been tricky for so many of them. The vaccine delays roll out is also another factor. And because of the outbreaks, the unvaccinated have to comply with the stricter protocol. Thus, the imposed lockdown extension.

The support from the Victorian Government will include the $6 million Food Relief Financial Reserve that will provide healthy food for those who are undergoing financial stress, plus, additional $3.7 million to help those who are required to isolate in their homes, which will be under all local government partners and the Red Cross. Included in the package delivered by the Red Cross is an additional $5.9 million for the Extreme Hardship Support Program, which will extend up to December 31st this year. This will specifically support those temporary or provisional visas as well as migrants who are struggling due to ineligibility for Commonwealth payments.

As for people who are seeking asylum, the government also prepared $2 million that will boost support for their basic needs and casework.

In August last year, the CALD Communities Taskforce was established and for this year, additional funding of $7.2 million will be provided to deliver specialized support, food relief, and vaccine agreement to those who are included in the culturally diverse communities.

It has been a challenging time for so many people, this includes women and children. Reports have shown that there has been an increase in complaints among women going through or have gone through domestic violence. With the boost in support from the government, $2.25 million funding will be allocated to the specialist violence services that will enable survivors to have access to safe accommodation, food, and any aid to whatever they need. $850,000 will also be provided to support mental health projects for single mothers – we all know that mental health is a critical matter that needs to be addressed.

Just like what we have said, the pandemic has been such a significant driver of change. The impact it has on our lives is monumental that we all have been changed forever. But people need to step up, and Victorians shouldn’t have to worry about their safety or putting food on the table. Nobody must be left behind, and all the more reason to give support to those who have been the hardest hit.

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