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Streamlining Economic Recovery and Land Supply: More Jobs and Homes for Victorians

We are now at a time where we are slowly trying to go back to pre-pandemic life. For over two years, we experienced a lot of limitations due to the restrictions to ensure the safety of everyone. But of course, there will come a time that we will have to move forward and that time is now.

The Andrews Government is set to provide new grants to local councils in order to accelerate the delivery of residential land, which is seen to drive urban growth, jobs, and development to the state of Victoria. The government has set up a program called Streamlining for Growth which will allocate more than $3.2 million to local councils that are facing pressures in terms of population growth and shortages in the land.

Regional Victorian Councils and 17 rural will receive $2.18m of grants from this round of allocated funding. The program aims to support Colac Otway Shire to prepare a development plan for Dean’s Creek that is said to help boost Colac’s population growth and target by facilitating rezoning that will create new residential land and subdivisions. If we are serious about improving the population rate, it’s important to build new lands to accommodate homebuyers and tenants.

Aside from the Colac program, the funding will also support Golden Plains Shire Council which aims to provide a clear direction for growth in the municipality in the next 15 years with over 7,000 housing lots that are set to build a community with 21,000 people in the region. The region is situated between two fast-growing regional cities of Geelong and Ballarat.

Mansfield Shire Council will also receive funding in order to implement Mansfield Commercial and Industrial Land Field Strategy that will be investing in building more jobs and lands after suffering from the 2019 to 2020 bushfires. In addition, the Labor Government confirms funding for Streamlining for Growth in 2022-2023 for the seventh year. Applications for grants will take place later this year.

Regional Victoria faces land supply and affordability pressures according to Minister for Planning Richard Wynne which is why two-thirds of the funding focuses on the regions. The funding will help councils regarding staffing and financial support to push through with planning to deliver new homes as well as jobs.

Economic recovery relies heavily on the number of jobs created for the people of Victoria. More jobs mean consistent incoming funds for the state. This is important not just for the state but for the whole country as we also continue to end the crisis of homelessness and joblessness in the nation.

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