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Safe and secure housing for the youth at risk of homelessness

Housing unaffordability is something so many Australians have been complaining about. It has affected so many, most especially those mid and low-income earners. The pandemic has impacted the world in such a huge way. The number of people needing affordable housing increased because of the recent economic downturn due to the imposed lockdowns as a result of the spike in positive cases.

The Andrews Government started took an initiative to take homeless people off the streets, but even those who had never asked for help before were forced to seek it out of helplessness and frustration. According to a recent report released by The Rental Affordability Index, rents had fallen across the capital cities, but for the low-income earners, it’s still too expensive.

Those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic have found themselves unable to afford even a decent home. Many essential casual workers were also hit hard and are at risk of rental stress. Although the impact of all the new adjustments due to the pandemic has been felt this year, industry experts predict that it could most likely be felt even more by Easter next year when the financial measures end in March.

The Andrews Government pledged support for the homeless and has been dedicatedly providing safe, secure housing for homeless Victorians since the start of the lockdowns this year. In the same way, the government has also been providing shelter for young Victorians at risk of homelessness in regional Victoria. We previously talked about the importance of youth in our society today. The youth will have a big role to play in helping the government inform about what else needs to be done and what needs to improve upon. In North Bendigo, a $2.7 million grant was provided to be able to build eight new social housing units. These two-bedroom units were built as long-term affordable rental housing for the youth or young people experiencing different personal struggles.

Young people at risk of homelessness are faced with various issues such as coming from violent family situations, young people leaving state care, those leaving the justice system, and those with little to no family support. Prioritizing mental health is a critical part of solving the homelessness problem, so this is a great initiative in the hopes of completely ending homelessness in the nation. This grant was provided to Haven; Home, Safe, a not-for-profit community housing association, and at the same time, it will also go to Flora Hill to build eight additional units set to begin soon.

This project is also in partnership with a major provider of disability support services called Amicus, which provides support in areas involving home maintenance and everyday living needs. The organization will help tenants receive a range of support programs to improve opportunities for them to be able to complete their education, life skills, and hold down payment.

Safe and affordable housing has always been something so many are aspiring to have, and affluent nations are struggling to provide enough for everyone in need. But projects like this will address the need for additional accommodation for those at risk for homelessness, including young people and at the same time keep them connected to their family, friends, and the community.

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