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Prioritizing the mental health of the youth in Victoria

The pandemic has caused so many of us to worry about our health and the majority of us have been doing everything that we can to survive. There are so many aspects of how a person is perceived to be healthy. While a person may appear healthy on the outside, the inside must be considered as well.

Mental health is something that has been a hot topic for some time now because of the rise in mental health issues stemming from factors that are impacting the world today – one of which is the pandemic brought by the coronavirus. According to a recent study released by the University of Australia’s Brain and Mind Centre, that even in a “best-case scenario” Australia is seen to grow in suicidal deaths of at least 13.7% over the next 5 years.

There is a way to prevent this from happening – and a way to save so many lives. Australia has started the JobKeeper program to help those who were heavily impacted by the pandemic. The aim is to provide financial support to those who desperately need it. Investing in educational programs and mental health services could help navigate the risk factors of mental health. We have always established the link between mental health and homelessness. These mental health challenges are definitely connected to how an individual could lose their home and livelihood. We must do everything to do what we can to prevent the rise of this problem – most especially in the youth of today.

In Victoria, secondary school students will have access to “school-based mental health support” that so many need right now. The roll-out will begin in 2021. The increased mental health challenges brought by the coronavirus pandemic has also highlighted the importance of “coordinated economic, education, social and mental health measures in safeguarding the mental health of Australians”, which the $65.5 million investment will focus on- initiatives such as the Victorian Anti-Bullying and Mental Health Initiative, plus the School-Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program, and investment in allied health and nursing services.

Whether students are attending face-to-face classes or online classes, these kids must receive the care they need for their mental health. It is necessary to have programs catered to the current need of these students – counseling via voice or video calls with a practitioner are very effective tools to provide support and at the same time keep up with the challenging times.

Xotel has always been vocal about our commitment to partner with organizations and the government to help people who are suffering from the lack of a safe and suitable home. The factors affecting the rise in homelessness have many layers but probably the biggest one is actually the unaffordability of so many homes in the country. This problem affects the mental health of so many children today. Families who are living in a less than pleasant environment could definitely affect the state of wellbeing, and as a community, we have a responsibility to make this easier for them.

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