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On the new reforms designed for a fairer and safer rental home

Back in February this year, the Andrews Labor Government announced new rules to ensure that every rental property will meet basic standards. At the time when the new rules were announced, the gathered data released, 1 in 4 Australians are renting in Victoria which says a lot about the picture of the property market in Australia nowadays. It has been common knowledge that it’s quite difficult to find a house in major cities that people could afford, so basic amenities must be available for renters.

We have constantly been talking about homelessness, its causes, and its effects. Rough sleepers are a product of homelessness, and so many factors come into play when people lose their homes. In a recent media release, renters across Victoria are embracing new reforms started by the Andrews Labor Government.

With over 130 new reforms, the Andrews Labor Government just assured renters that safe and fair housing for all Victorians is a top priority. The simple changes are really sitting well with the tenants. Something as simple as keeping their pets is really making a lot of difference.

Here are some of the latest reforms imposed by the Andrews Government for tenants:

- The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal will be allowed to issue a renter to vacate the premises if and only if it is reasonable and proportionate to carry out. This move is a continuation of emergency measures due to coronavirus. Because of the events that have occurred since the pandemic started, efforts to support workers and tenants were escalated and this one is particularly important.

- Rental providers are also asked to give a valid reason as to why any rental agreement must end and ‘no specified reason’ is not allowed;

- Repeated late or non-payment of rent will have a new process and renters going through financial turmoil will only be required to leave when it is fair for them and when they have been able to pay late which would also give renters more certainty.

The new laws were created to give support to renters in Australia, and hopefully, providers will also see that these will benefit them as well. The stronger laws would mean stronger accountability, clearer obligations, and an updated process for the renters. The rent reforms are also applicable to private rentals, caravan parks, rooming houses, and residential parks.

Here are the rules http://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/rentrules

Renters have the right to safe, secure, and affordable accommodation. Just like rental providers, there is a need to make accountability much stronger in order to make it fair for everyone and these new laws make a positive difference to how renting is viewed, not just in Victoria, but in the country.

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