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New Reports Show that Housing for the Disabled is Set to Boom

A healthy environment plays a huge role in a person’s overall health both physically and mentally. This includes a space where they feel safe and secure every single day. A person’s wellbeing may be affected if there’s not enough resources to maintain their lifestyle let alone their basic needs. Anyone who is struggling to make ends meet would most likely have a harder time finding a healthy environment, same with those who disabilities without a strong support system.

One of the ways a person needs in order to achieve a healthy environment is to have a home for themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to it.

Persons with disabilities don’t always have the same opportunities as those without. This problem has been going on for ages and will continue to do so unless long-term measures are done. However, a common challenge among people from all walks of life face is finding an affordable home not just short-term but long-term. Disabled people need access to amenities that are designed to make things easier for them that is why disability housing exists and it looks like it’s going to grow even bigger in the next few years.

According to an industry report, in five years, the specialist housing for disabled people has grown to over $2.5 billion asset class is poised to grow bigger because of the recent demands for housing that would meet the needs of an estimated 28,000 young people. However, reforms must be made in terms of making decisions especially by the National Disability Insurance Agency. There has been a growing number of interested investors that will most help expand the specialist disability accommodation sector and without accurate information, the expected growth may not take place.

The potential of SDA housing to becoming a billion dollar asset class that could overtake other sectors is strong, but big changes must be realized according to industry experts. Managers who have collectively invested $650 million into the initiative believe that reforms such as a senior person in the. NDIA that will be responsible for engagement with the sector as well as analyses of the market. There is an opportunity for the market sector to work for the maximum impact but some changes must be done.

The SDA funding faces challenges is the subsidy system. While this encourages development of more housing for those with physical support needs, it discourages the development of housing for those with behavioral needs. This is problematic because it basically favors a particular group and housing should be for anyone most especially if they have deficiencies or incapacities.

If we are serious about helping those with specific needs, it is important that we build an environment – an accommodation that will cater to them the best way possible.

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