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More on the free services for tenants in Victoria during this Pandemic

The current pandemic brought by COVID19 halted so many of our plans and changed the way we all live our lives so suddenly. All of us had to get used to new ways to do things. If you have been taking this virus seriously, by now, you are probably used to wearing a mask when going out. You also are probably complaining about your dry hands from the constant handwashing. For those who are employed, you have managed to do your work from home for the past 3-4 months now. A huge adjustment, truly.

Unfortunately, so many have also experienced a drastic change in their life – and we are talking about having to deal with unemployment and the risk of losing their homes. Tenants, for instance, have had to deal with certain issues, most especially when it comes to paying the rent. Good thing the Victorian Government stepped in to make sure that rights are protected.

Tenants in Victoria who have gone through hardships are now eligible for additional free services for them to work out issues regarding their rent reduction and possible eviction.

Dear Landlord – a project that was established to address issues with regards to eviction that has been going on since the COVID19 pandemic occurred. Dear Landlord is a self-help tool that will help anyone who is on the brink of eviction or is worried about the current standing with their rental home. This tool is helpful in terms of figuring out what kind of steps to do while being guided through the whole process. This tool will also provide the necessary information and resources to help keep the house you are staying in. The most amazing thing about this is that it is absolutely free of charge.

There are a couple of requirements for one to have access to. On their website it says

Dear Landlord can help you if:

  • You are renting a residential property in Victoria.

  • You have a private landlord (not the Director of Housing or a community housing provider).

  • You have been affected by COVID-19.

  • You have a rent-related problem.

One of the ways Dear Landlord can help a tenant going through hardship is by helping with the rent reduction agreement with the landlord. There will be a series of questions to be asked and from there, a course of action will be made.

Getting that rent reduction was huge for so many. Some tenants, even after explaining to the landlord about their current situation, struggled to get that reduction. We all have been aware of what the pandemic has actually caused so many people globally. Dear Landlord aims to give the kind of support, any struggling Victorian needs especially during this time of hardship.

“We believe that with empowerment and education tools, digitally capable, self-reliant tenants can act early to protect their rights without having to rely on a lawyer to help them,” says, Justice Connect chief executive Chris Povey.

For more information, you may visit https://justiceconnect.org.au/help/dear-landlord/

At Xotel, we are dedicated to providing support to various organizations in our goal to end homelessness. We believe that safe housing should not be expensive. You can reach us on our Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram pages for more details.

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