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Mental help support for youth to strengthen in 2021

So much has already happened this year. Before the pandemic happened, there are the usual worries of the day such as the work you have to do and the errands to make – sometimes other personal stuff goes with it so there is no wonder why everyone has been quite exhausted physically. But when the virus suddenly spread, so many things had to change and plans were halted. There is no surprise why the mental health of so many individuals began to decline.

The lockdown caused so many to fall into depression and anxiety. Everyone reacts differently to change. Some people found the lockdown to work well for them, but others didn’t think like it at all, which really made them feel all sorts of things. The pandemic hasn’t been great for everyone’s mental health. The constant worry that there’s a chance that once you stepped out of the house a disease will get you or the constant fear of the future. Everyone is feeling it one way or another.

Now more than ever, young people need to have a better state of mind to function better in the future. In 2021, primary school students are going to get the mental health support that they need. According to the minister for education James Merlino, additional 15 primary schools will join the Mental Health in Primary School pilot, which is a partnership with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

The pilot was established this year in 10 schools provides evidence-based training and resources to equip school staff to understand students, and at the same time, a faster response to mental health issues they are facing. The schools are encouraged to employ Mental Health and Well-being coordinator with teaching qualifications, which will help these schools approach the children’s social and emotional learning plus mental health in a better way.

"The expansion of the pilot is part of a $28.5 million package of mental health initiatives announced in August to help make sure students can work through any mental health challenges they face due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A person’s mental health is crucial in their daily lives. The way they socialize and build their careers are dependent on how they view the world. Homelessness is one of the biggest issues stemming from the lack of mental health awareness. People suffering from mental illness have a difficult time leading a normal life. This causes a lot of them to lose jobs and inevitably lose their homes.

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According to recent studies, at least one in three homeless individuals suffer from some mental illness. It has been stated in the past that apart from housing unaffordability, homelessness is a result of mental illness. Factors such as emotional stress, depression, exposure to crime, and drugs may result in unemployment which would eventually cause them to experience poverty.

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