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Job Creation: More Crucial than Ever

We live at a time where uncertainty is the only certainty, especially after everything that has taken place since last year. Economic conditions are no longer as stable in many countries and with the increased conflicts due to imposed restrictions that have limited any major business activities, it’s difficult to become confident about what lies ahead. To be able to progress, businesses must keep being able to continue. The Victorian Government has been making efforts to reinforce workers and businesses. It’s become such an important economic decision especially because of its effects on the recovery of the nation’s economy.

More jobs for Victorians

Over the past financial year, new records show that more jobs were created more than jobs lost – which is a good thing for the economy. Between March and September last year, the number of jobs lost reached 238,600. Surprisingly, from September 2020 to June 2021, over 240,000 were able to find work. The jobs created in Victoria alone tell us one thing – the state is in a great position to bounce back faster than ever before. And with the restrictions not as strict as before, things are looking good. The report included data from the general sector, public non-financial, and public financial sectors.

How can this be sustained?

Creating jobs and supporting workers have always been extremely important. The success of bouncing back from the pandemic certainly lies with initiatives and other legislative responses. For instance, payment schemes, financial relief, temporary accommodations, and other kinds of aid are not very sustainable. The key really is to provide a solution that will last long-term. The Victorian Government was successful that in the sense that investments and projects were created that opened doors for more Victorians to find employment. However, the pandemic is still here, which is why the government has to both implement safety precautions while allowing workers to keep working.

The effects of the pandemic weren’t really the same for everyone and every business sector. For instance, consumer services were badly hit and will take some time to fully recover. Leisure and hospitality experienced a drastic decline. Financial services, however, were able to shift to remote work so the recovery was much faster. The building and construction industry became bigger and is now considered to provide more jobs.

The recovery of these industries is uneven, but it also shows us where to really invest in. The pandemic really changed everything we’ve gotten used to and the way we view the world. It’s so easy to feel like things are not going back to that – and in some ways, it could be true. Anytime we experience a monumental event in our lives, we come out as new versions of ourselves. Others need more than most people, and to have something to hold on to like an opportunity to make a living is extremely important.

Xotel has always championed organizations and projects that could potentially provide jobs and homes to Victorians. We continue to partner with Hillbrook Projects to create homes for the homeless so people could start all over again.

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