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How to Ensure a Bright Future for the Homeless Youth

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

The homelessness problem has been around for years but it is seemingly increasing in many countries all over the world. This problem has become prevalent and it’s no surprise that it’s not just adults that are affected by it. The youth has it worse because there’s not a lot they could do if they find themselves in this position and there has to be a way to ensure that young people don’t have to go through such difficulty.

The Andrews Labor Government according to a recent announcement is tackling youth homelessness by providing support for the vulnerable Victorians.

A $50 million investment for new housing projects was announced that will focus on housing the youth experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Victoria. According to studies, more than 16 percent of people experiencing homelessness are aged between 15 to 24 years old. This funding is important because it is specifically to ensure a better life and future for these young people.

The funding is said to deliver a range of housing options which will include youth foyers that “integrate housing with education, employment, and other support services”. It’s also been said that it would also cover youth housing accommodation focused on Victorian youth leaving out of home care to transition into the next chapter in their lives.

The funding is also said to support the Labor Government’s landmark Home Stretch program. The Home Stretch program was created to support young people leaving foster, kinship, and residential care up to the age 21 years of age. This is important because some are forced to go on their own at age 18 with not a lot of opportunities for them, so this program ensures that nobody gets left behind. What makes this program great, is that these homes will have accessible locations. The plan is to build homes within walking distance of retail and community services, education, employment, and most importantly, public transportation.

The design of these homes is said to be energy efficient that will keep the bills low, making it easier for them to start over. When the Government announced the Big Housing Build, so many took advantage and have so far been delivering about 12,000 houses new homes. This also means that more jobs are created. New statistics show that about 10,000 have been created due to this initiative. We can safely say that it is hitting two birds with one stone.

The Big Housing Build, which invests $1.25 billion in regional areas is the key instrument in making sure that the economic and social benefits of the program are felt in communities across Victoria. The youth is especially targeted to ensure a better future for them. By joining together, young Victorians who are unable to afford rental costs while on Youth Allowance or Jobseeker will find a safe place for the long term. The risk of homelessness among youth leaving the state care is much higher because of the possibility of unemployment so this project will help these young people thrive as adults.

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