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How Students Can Find A Place to Live Near University

Starting university is just one of the first few steps toward adulthood. For many students, this stage is where they move out of the house and live independently. This would mean, finding and organizing rental accommodation that will be accessible to their campuses. It is actually pretty easy to find one because universities offer dormitory and rental accommodation for students.

Moving forward to a new chapter of your life requires a lot of changes to consider. It’s important to do enough preparation. Through research, you may be able to cut fees and find cheaper accommodation.

The Australian government guide to living costs for students released these figures from around the country:

  • Shared Rental - $95 to $125 per week

  • On-campus accommodation - $110 to $310 per week

  • Homestay - $235 to $325 per week

  • Private Rental - $185 to $440

Naturally, renting with multiple people should reduce expenses. Of course, choosing the ones you are going to live with is a personal preference. However, the prices vary depending on several factors like the neighborhood and its proximity to the main campus or the city. Basically, location is such a huge consideration when choosing a rental accommodation.

Being on the hunt for rental accommodation can be highly competitive in certain months – mostly, January and February – basically, before the semester starts. Generally, students as tenants have not resulted in any drawbacks because it has been going on for many years now. Parents normally act as the students’ guarantors – and it’s always better when parents are involved.

But first and foremost, what should you prepare before finding rental accommodation? Experts say it’s important to have all documents ready such as payslips and bank statements to show how finances are managed. As for international students, visas, passports, and other supporting documents are necessary.

How to Find Accommodation

So, how can you find suitable rental accommodation for you? The easiest way to do this is to find it online. The Internet has so much information about the things you need or want; you’d be amazed by the results. Another is thru noticeboards and local community groups. Ads are also very easy and effective to use when looking for rental accommodation. The key here is to just know where to look.

Rules and Red Flags in a share house

Before moving into your new place, a written agreement that includes the prices, the duration, and the house rules. This set of rules should be able to cover the use of common areas, noise, and even curfew hours.

In terms of red flags, there is always a possibility of scammers that create false ads as well as several illegal rental properties. This presents huge safety risks to students and occupants.

How about finding a housemate?

In this day and age, it’s not all that difficult to find a housemate but what’s important is to find one you can trust. A friend or someone you know would be your best bet, but an alternative option is to find on Facebook groups. It’s important to interview potential housemates and inspect the property before moving in.

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