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Housing Build Continues for Victorians

We have talked about many times before that housing availability is such an important factor in keeping rough sleepers out of the streets. Over the past year, so many adjustments had to be made due to the effects of the pandemic. While the target of temporarily housing the homeless seemed to have worked, permanent accommodations among Australians are still a huge struggle. Although there are so many challenges Australia is facing right now, the economy is slowly catching up, and stimulating it, even more, will result in a strong property market.

Creating jobs is the way to go if we’re talking about having a healthy economy. The Victorian Government started the Big Housing Build project that has generated more than a billion in construction and development activity. The project created 356 direct jobs and 1,246 indirect jobs. This project has also pledged to add homes in the state.

The Big Housing Build program was also responsible for purchasing more than 1,100 homes, plus 590 homes in ready-to-build projects. The program was also able to purchase 514 already built which will definitely get Victorians to get their very own home much faster. About 414 of these homes are currently rented and soon-to-be rented properties. According to industry experts, more homes are coming especially in Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

The Big Housing Build allows the government to spot purchase properties as well as new homes. About 1,800 social and affordable housing properties are said to be secured that will most definitely reinforce the construction industry as a whole that will also create more jobs. About 25 percent of the builds will take place in regional Victoria, which would ensure that the social benefits of this program will be delivered to Victorians.

This Big Housing Build project was created to boost social housing supply across the state of Victoria by 10 percent in approximately 4 years – with 1,000 homes to be delivered in Melbourne. Vulnerable Victorians, specifically the underprivileged and the struggling individuals with mental illnesses and disabilities, and other single-parent families are the main concerns so this is how the project all came about.

Minister for Housing Richard Wynne talks about the importance of this kind of program to continue – and that is mainly because of job creation. Wynne believes that “these homes are creating jobs right across Victoria – to Whittlesea to Warnambool”. The even greater thing about it is that these homes are built for those who need them the most, which could potentially become a long-term solution for homelessness. The Big Housing Build is stimulating the economy by keeping the construction projects active – including the projects that were halted due to the pandemic.

Homelessness has a solution. Although it might take a long time, these small steps will eventually become such an important tool to change the lives of so many Victorians who require a start over. A safe place to stay is something that every one of us must-have. Unfortunately, some do not have the necessary means to achieve this. These programs are important to speed up the process of housing every Australian so it’s great that the government is doing its best to provide.

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