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Has the homelessness rate in Australia increased or decreased?

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

For the past several months, we have highlighted the causes and effects of the homelessness issue in Australia hoping that would create awareness—not just awareness, but discussions as well, among authorities. The current state of homelessness in the country is not one to just be ignored. It has become even more serious, which made independent organizations and private institutions extend their hand in solving this problem.

But after all the communal living projects, homeless projects, etc., the question remains: did the homelessness rate in Australia increase or decrease?

According to recent studies, homelessness has now concentrated in Australia’s main cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney and Melbourne are two of the richest and most expensive cities in the nation. Naturally, the cost of living in these cities are pricier compared to rural areas. Although there are efforts to control this epidemic, it seems like the rate is still very much alarming.

Recent studies show that there’s a significant increase in homelessness in the cities. Over 100,000 people are now without a decent and permanent home. Many experts say that it’s a political matter, but in all honesty, everyone should be involved because this is bigger than that. Despite the steady economic growth that the nation is experiencing, it’s still deemed an “international embarrassment”.

It is a human right to have safe and secure housing. Men, women, and children should be able to have access to an environment where it is conducive for learning and working. It helps a great deal in aspects such as mental, physical, psychological, and even spiritual aspects of a person’s being. In our previous pieces, we have talked about the most obvious reasons for this epidemic—but the most obvious reason has to do with housing affordability.

Experts have pointed out time and time again that the nation has failed to tackle the housing affordability crisis. Housing projects have been underfunded which is one of the reasons why public housing is currently not doing anything for individuals that need affordable accommodation.

Speaking of major cities, studies also revealed that there has been about an 11% increase in homelessness. Rough sleepers continue to grow which is why, we at Xotel believe that instead of letting this worsen, something should be done about it.

Xotel is a firm believer that we can change things if we want to. Affordable community living and shared accommodation are some of the ways to make a positive impact in the lives of many Australians. Because the nation is suffering from a housing shortage crisis, we cannot just take this matter lightly.

At Xotel, we have found a long term solution to this epidemic. Many Australians are either saving up for a deposit to buy a home, transitioning to interim housing, or are simply single and wish to live within their means. This is just one way of helping out. Hopefully, it would encourage more organizations and institutions to extend a helping hand.

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