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Efforts to be strengthened to end family violence

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

One of the major reasons young people really get lost their way is because of the unfortunate events that have occurred in their lives. Not many realize it, but these individuals do not act a certain way without some underlying cause or some significant reason behind it. The youth is still trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be – so events that have an effect on them will shape their future. For instance, young people who experienced family violence, according to studies end up homeless and could lead to even more problems in their socio-economic status as adults. We must take steps to help people going through such.

The Andrews Labor Government recently announced the expansion of the Orange Door Network. What is the ‘Orange Door’? It is a free service for adults, children, and young people who are going through or have gone through family violence. This program also provides extra care or support with childcare.

So why was The Orange Door created? Early this year, the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System was established to strengthen support for all families and children, and with Families Safety Victoria which was set up in July 2017, The Orange Door will continue to operate and be available in more areas.

On December 10th, Minister for Prevention of Family Violence Gabrielle Williams announced the final four Orange Door Sites that will complete the statewide rollout such as Hume Moreland, Brimbank Melton, Western Melbourne, and Outer East Melbourne. The workers under The Orange Door will provide support from risk assessments, safety planning, and crisis assistance. It also provides vital connections to services for ongoing help. By next year, Hume Moreland is expected to be set up, while others are expected to be completed by 2022. Currently, about 100,000 individuals have been connected with the Orange Door since 2018 and it has been operating in seven areas in Victoria.

The Labor Government released the Family Violence Reform Rolling Action Plan 2020-2023, which is the next step in the 10-year agenda to free Victoria from family violence. This is significant in reassuring Victorians that mental health is something that people should take very seriously. The plan is also available online so Victorians may be able to have access to the details of this great investment.

Family violence creates a hindrance in a person’s development. So many cases of homelessness are associated with poor mental health, which stems from an unsafe environment they have been exposed to. A system that focuses on finding solutions to this issue is necessary. Xotel, as always, is willing to partner with the government and organizations in providing a safe environment as we strive to end homelessness completely.

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