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An Initiative to Ensure Support to Those Who Went Through Family Violence

It is without a doubt that our environment plays such a huge role in our development. Any young person could maximize their full potential within a healthy community. This could become a huge thing for them as they go out and become a part of a functional society. If a home is not healthy enough to help children develop a sound mind and body, so many things could go wrong.

Last year, we wrote a piece about the Orange Door Network. For a quick recap, what is the Orange Door Network? The Orange Door Network is a free service for adults and children going through or who have gone through family violence that would provide support and childcare. Looks like the Andrews Labor Government is on track to open more doors across Victoria by the end of next year. Minister for Prevention of Family Violence Gabrielle Williams announced that an Orange Door site has now been confirmed in every region. The Orange Door is set to operate in Hume Moreland by the end of this year with a lease signed for a Broadmeadows site. This ensures that the Orange Door Network has covered the whole state.

The opening of the Orange Door Network in Hume Moreland is brought by the partnership of five local service partners such as Berry Street, Uniting, DPV Health, Victorian Aboriginal Childcare Agency, and Victorian Aboriginal Community Services Association. The support that will be given to people across the region includes outreach support close to where they live and is accessible by phone or email as well. This is a huge thing for so many Victorians because help can be received easier.

The $448 million Australian-first initiative was developed for both adults and children who had to go through or are going through family violence. The government is aware that support for their wellbeing and the children’s development is necessary. To make sure that these children will grow up with a sound mind and body, there must be effective support for them. It would only become possible if our community would prioritize their needs.

Eight regions across the state have already opened and are currently operating the Orange Network. Some of these regions include Goulburn, Central Islands, and Loddon. Nine more will be opened by next year. The Orange Door Network is a collective effort from workers and specialists of family violence, child, family, Aboriginal, and men. Since 2018, more than 150,000 people have benefited from the support they have received from this project.

Family violence has a long-term impact on so many individuals. This is one of the biggest reasons why homelessness exists. This painful experience could eventually lead to broken homes and broken lives. The current pandemic forced lockdowns upon us. Although deemed necessary, we cannot deny that it may also give individuals in abusive relationships fewer options to have a way out. While others can be successful to leave because they are capable, others may not be as lucky. An initiative like the Orange Door Network, as well as Xotel are amazing opportunities for those to start all over again.

For anyone who is interested in this amazing opportunity, you can get more information on orangedoor.vic.gov.au.

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