Check out some cool features we have in our homes

Cleaning Schedules


More clutter means more stress. So it shouldn’t be surprising that housework can cut stress and anxiety by 20 percent. However, you do need 20 minutes of activity to get these effects.

In our homes we promote housekeeping by all occupants to increase mood, productivity, happiness, decrease stress and health issues.




Giving to others fills us in so many ways.  Participating in an activity like that cooking teams can help to encourage a sense of trust, community, meaning, purpose, belonging, closeness, and intimacy. ― all of which have been linked to things like increased happiness, decreased depression, and greater/more positive overall wellbeing.



Whether you’re growing fruit and veggies, flowers or succulents, getting your green thumb on can have a surprising number of health benefits for you and your family. It is scientifically proven that participating in gardening decreases anxiety, depression, and increases the sense of belonging and happiness within

Job Opportunities 


Our Network of support encourages applicants to get jobs closer to our living quarters.



The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome. Each of our Locations has an array of Yoga Matts upon request for you to get into the Zen.



Groups not only help to ease that sense of isolation, but also give the opportunity to practice re-engaging with people. By participating in a group, you see that you can get along with others. Group therapy costs less than individual counseling.

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