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Welcome to Xotel, Australia's premium provider of community occupied homes and short term accomodation.

Australia is currently suffering from a housing shortage crisis. At Xotel we have found a long term solution to house Australian's who are suffering from this epidemic.  Many Australians are either saving for a deposit to buy a home, transitioning to interim housing, or are simply single and wish to live within their means.

Our team at Xotel will house, monitor and motivate Australians in transition to their next levels in life.  We are all about invigorating positive energy and outcomes within our organisation and accomodation. Our inception came from the lack of housing available for short term renters and interim housing recipients.  Either our customers were forced to pay Hotel rates from $90- $120 Per night or forced into a 12 month rental of a 3 bedroom house which is way to big for 1 or 2 people to maintain and operate.  With electricity bills increasing 20% in 2017-2018 and general expenses increasing with inflation, most Australian's are finding it harder and harder to survive, and thats how Xotel is shaking the market place.

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